Cooling off


Is it really spring when it’s 90 degrees out? In Texas, Spring is kind of like a practice-run for summer… yeah… when summer hits we’re going to be wishing it was still 90 degrees.
In the midst of the chaos, in an effort to keep the irritable and stressed-out mommy from overpowering my children and our home I have been trying to do fun and special things with my precious children. And today was a winner!

Ice bricks!

And possibly even more fun… Ice-brick-street-throwing (the name needs a little work).

Or the less desirable activity (to mommy at least… but a little bit of motor oil, rubber reside and germs are good for kids, right?!?)… Ice-brick-eating-in-the-street.

I am so thankful for these fun times in the midst of the stress and exhaustion… fun times to cool everything down and just laugh and play.


About thefosteringlove

I love Jesus. I love my kids. I am a foster and adoptive mommy. For 4 years my life has been turned upside down and inside out by 8 kids- some who have stayed for forever (my boys were adopted in March 2011 and I was given custody of my daughter in 2010), some who have left our home but not our hearts... all to the glory of God, all for the call I've been given. In the spare moments of my life I sometimes find time to write down my thoughts and my heart... my heart that is working to foster love, hope and safety into every child who we welcome home. Currently I have 3 forever kiddos and one foster baby... it's a good life!

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