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3 More Months


Baby J is staying!… for at least 3 more months.  The case has been extended and we get 3 more months of giggles and cuddles and love from our sweet boy.

I am so thankful for this extra time with him.  So thankful that for 3 more months he stays here… the home he knows, the people he loves, the family he has relied on for a year.

It is also bitter in the fact that it also means 3 more months of him (and us) getting more attached (if it’s even possible to be more attached than he all ready is). 3 more months waiting to know what the future holds for this little man.  3 more months of being seperated from his biological family.

Fostering is hard.  It’s bitter sweet.

But for now I am so thankful that he is sleeping soundly in his bed, in the house he calls home with the people he loves watching over him.


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