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Cooling off


Is it really spring when it’s 90 degrees out? In Texas, Spring is kind of like a practice-run for summer… yeah… when summer hits we’re going to be wishing it was still 90 degrees.
In the midst of the chaos, in an effort to keep the irritable and stressed-out mommy from overpowering my children and our home I have been trying to do fun and special things with my precious children. And today was a winner!

Ice bricks!

And possibly even more fun… Ice-brick-street-throwing (the name needs a little work).

Or the less desirable activity (to mommy at least… but a little bit of motor oil, rubber reside and germs are good for kids, right?!?)… Ice-brick-eating-in-the-street.

I am so thankful for these fun times in the midst of the stress and exhaustion… fun times to cool everything down and just laugh and play.




We almost froze our ears off (seriously?- it was almost 80 degrees yesterday; today 50!).  Baby J almost lost it completely with exhaustion.  Mommy was almost undone (aka had a slight hissy-fit) by the insane amount of field trip groups.

But in the end (once the field trip masses cleared out after lunch, Baby J finally fell asleep and we kept stopping indoors to warm up) it was a great Livestock Show– our 4th year in a row.  Adrian did so amazingly well this year even with the large groups of children (did I mention the insanely massive amount of field trip groups?).  I just love doing things like this with my kids.  Being out of the house with them means no laundry, no cleaning up, no chores, no referee duty… it just means being WITH my kids and watching them learn and explore.  I LOVE it!

Livestock Show and Rodeo 2012… a success (complete with 3 children begging NOT to leave and talking about everything they saw all evening long!) Thank you Gamma and Dada for a great day!

A baby sling can also double as a blanket while waiting for Mutton Bustin’!

My camera battery died towards the end, but oh how sweet it was to watch a group of baby chicks follow my running children.  They were so funny- the kids would start on one side and run to the other and the chicks ran after them! It was the cutest, funniest thing ever!  Adrian may become a farmer… if only to drive a tractor! Sariyah may become a model… with or without a tractor.
(oh that girl!)

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million.
~Walt Streightiff

Adrian and Sariyah…


Brother and sister? Friends? Coexistent inhabitants of the same household?
All I know is that from their earliest memories they had each other.

 Feb. 26, 2008- day after Sariyah came to us.
 Sariyah- 2 months, Adrian- 4 months

April 2008 

Her little heart broke when he left too.

November 2008- the last picture taken of Adrian before he was taken from our arms.
 Sariyah… kissing her Adrian

And when he returned…

Sept. 10, 2009- the day after Adrian returned to us.

 … It was as if 10 months had never passed.

September 2010

August 2011

And though they don’t play WITH each other as much as they used to, I was reminded today for a brief moment how long they have been in each other’s lives and that while their interests and personalities have changed greatly, they have a bond that has developed over the past 4 years.


I don’t know what that bond is called… All I know is that they are Adrian and Sariyah, twins that are 2 months apart, who can understand each other’s language better than anyone else, fight like cats and dogs, partners in many, many crimes here at home, each other’s first friends, giggle partners…

… with a bond that wasn’t made by blood; one that is stronger and deeper than any label.