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3 More Months


Baby J is staying!… for at least 3 more months.  The case has been extended and we get 3 more months of giggles and cuddles and love from our sweet boy.

I am so thankful for this extra time with him.  So thankful that for 3 more months he stays here… the home he knows, the people he loves, the family he has relied on for a year.

It is also bitter in the fact that it also means 3 more months of him (and us) getting more attached (if it’s even possible to be more attached than he all ready is). 3 more months waiting to know what the future holds for this little man.  3 more months of being seperated from his biological family.

Fostering is hard.  It’s bitter sweet.

But for now I am so thankful that he is sleeping soundly in his bed, in the house he calls home with the people he loves watching over him.


When Trauma OutweighsTime



It has been a HARD week… insanely, exhaustingly hard.

4 sick children, extra doctors appointments, and really rough behavior has created a whirlwind of chaos and a very tired mommy.  This week has also been a very clear reminder that so many times in our kids the past traumas last 10x longer than the time away from that trauma… and about 100x longer than you think you could possibly handle! Physical scars are very understandably there for life.  I see a scar, I know something happened there- visible and a concrete.  But underneath that- and often with no visible sign- are emotional wounds.  Fears, anxieties, learned behaviors and different ways of looking at the world.

This week Adrian’s behaviors have been out of control- defiance to the max– I need him to tell me why he is in time out… I tell him why he is in time out and ask him to repeat exactally what I’ve said… and it takes 40 minutes for him to finally break and decide to stop smirking at me and saying over and over “I don’t know”.  He doesn’t want to be touched or talked to my me… yet he actively sought out hugs from his preschool teacher today (ouch!).  You have something- he takes it.  You say something- he argues with it.  You talk- he screams and says no one can talk about him.  You ask him to do something- he says “I can’t”.  It.is.exhausting.

Ty… oh my sweet, complicated Ty.  When dealing with his eating issues he is a complicated mess.  We have worked through the physical aspects of it- chewing and swallowing- but it’s so much more than that.  There is so much fear and anxiety for him when it comes to food.  And that fear comes from… 3 YEARS ago.  Being fed inappropriate foods and drinks before he was 7 months old.  I spoke with a social worker at the doctor’s office during one of our visits and she said “Well, that was so long ago, I would really doubt that’s still the issue today”.  I would say this comment is false.  Me?- I ate soup when I was 5 years old, threw up and… haven’t eaten soup since! I believe the pain and trauma of those first eating experiences completely formed aversions so severe they are still present 3 years later.

I think the same thing that the social worker thought about Ty… but I think it about Adrian.

Surely… after all this time Adrian’s trauma should have lessened.  After all this time surely he and I have formed a healthy attachment as mommy and son.  Surely after all this time he has learned what safety feels like and can stop fighting so hard.

But, I don’t look at Sariyah’s scars and think, “Well, surely after all this time they should have disappeared”.  Why? Because that’s absurd!

I don’t even look at Tyger’s feeding aversions and think, “Surely after all this time he should have learned to enjoy food”.  Why?  Because it is something I can reason with and understand.

The problem with Adrian is that I don’t know and I don’t understand.  I don’t know all the traumas.  I don’t understand all his fears.  I don’t see the world like he does.  And because of that I think “SURELY the time he’s been back with us outweighs the trauma he had without us!”… but it doesn’t work that way.  Just because he was gone 10 months from us does not mean that 10 months with us will fix things… I fear that not even 10 years will completely fix things.

And that’s hard to think about… hard and exhausting.

And so… I breathe, I pray and I push on.

And I have hope that somehow, some day love will outweigh the trauma.  And if not, I will do my best to deal with and lovingly respond to the aftermath of that trauma… and remind myself that it’s been 25 years… and I still haven’t eaten soup again!